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Jay's Candied Yams
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We used to refer to this as "Jay's Non-Recipe for Candied Yams" because he's never actually measured the ingredients, it's all by instinct. Nonetheless, it always turns out and is a MUST at our holiday dinners. As I recall, Jay originally wrote this out for his son Doug. Take a deep breath before you begin reading:
Start with a mess of yams (I prefer red yams, sweet potatoes can be substituted), cut them into manageable size pieces (1.5"-2"), boil them until pierced with a fork with medium ease (not soggy), peel them (cold water helps the comfort level here), quarter the pieces, put them into a 2-4" high baking dish, fill the crevasses with light brown sugar, grated orange peel, and whole pecans, squeeze the juice of the oranges over the top, pour a generous shot of Grand Marnier over the top and bake at 300-400 until the sugar is all liquid and bubbly, take the dish out and cover with large marshmallows, put under the broiler, take the dish out, replace the burnt marshmallows with fresh ones, put the dish back in and watch it this time. When the marshmallows are melting and golden brown on top, serve.

(Jay Harris)

Note from Dorothy: It's actually been years since Jay has burned the marshmallows - I guess writing the thing down raised his level of awareness ;-). He normally uses an 8-inch Pyrex square baking dish for this. I strongly suggest putting a large pan (pizza pan, cake pan, etc.) underneath the baking dish because it inevitably spills over while baking. (We've experienced several holiday meals with a very smoky kitchen.)

The oven temperature varies depending on what else is being baked at the same time, thus the discrepancy! (Don't worry about it!)